Free ice cream makes the world go round.

by Jenn (eating bender) on April 29, 2008


Ok – done with talking about school for the day. Food is much more exciting! For lunch today, I brought back an old favorite that had been neglected during the cold winter. One cup of Nature’s Path Organic Rice Puffs with some vanilla almond milk.

I love cold cereal. When I was on the meal plan my freshman and sophomore years, I literally had it for almost every meal. It obviously wasn’t very healthy – especially since I usually had the sugary varieties – but I couldn’t stand anything else they had to offer at the dining hall and the salad bar was pretty gross (dirty lettuce), so that was out too. I’m really glad that I’m off the meal plan now so that I can have much more variety in my diet. I’ve also developed much more of a taste for cereals without a lot of sugar, such as this one or Trader Joe’s High Fiber. Adding almond milk gives it just enough sweetness!

With my cold cereal I had a slice of Arnold Natural Flax & Fiber bread (so good!) with a tbsp. of Dark Chocolate Dreams and 1/2 a sliced banana.

Add to that 1/4 cup of whipped cottage cheese and you’ve got yourself a lunch!


That’s right – it was FREE CONE DAY at Ben & Jerry’s. The line was out the door and down about 1/2 a block, but it moved quickly and was well worth the wait! My roomie and I went to get some after the midterm. How perfect is it that free cone day happened to fall on the day of my test? It was fate :)

I got the Half Baked frozen yogurt – chocolate, brownie chunks, cookie dough…need I say more?


We brought our Ben & Jerry’s to Panera to save for after dinner – surprisingly it didn’t melt! YES, I went to PaneraSHOCKING. But before you go moaning and groaning about the monotony of my dinner choices (not that you would, but just in case!), remember – all that studying made my mind MUSH! Panera was definitely the only way to make things right again 😉

I got the Greek salad + black bean soup combo with a whole grain baguette. Lovely!

I got the end of the baguette so it was extra big!

I am so exhausted now – test days take a lot out of me, I think it must be the anxiety and anticipation. I slept in this morning and was planning to work out later…now we’ll have to see if I’m up to it! I ate dinner pretty early tonight so I’m sure I will be having a snack later – see you then! :)

1 lindzakins921 April 29, 2008 at 6:56 pm

Ahhh I am loving all of your food choices from the choc oats to the ben&jerry’s ice cream to my personal favorite too: Panera!!!

Get some rest :)

2 Jill April 29, 2008 at 7:01 pm

Yum! It totally wasn’t free ice-cream day here. Though I think the 31ist is free cone day at baskin robbins everywhere!

Congrats on the exam!!!! How many more?

3 VeggieGirl April 29, 2008 at 7:09 pm

Hooray for the end of your first midterm!!! :0)

Wow, that Flax & Fiber bread, with the Dark Chocolate Dreams & banana slices, looks absolutely blissful.

Ah yes, today WAS free cone day – glad that you took advantage of it!

I LOVE the black-bean soup from Panera’s – yum!!

4 Romina April 29, 2008 at 7:39 pm

YOOPIE!! Congrats!!

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