Fantastic Friday!

by Jenn (eating bender) on June 21, 2008

My, my, how I love Friday! It is no doubt the best day of the week for so many reasons:

1) The school/work day goes by fast because everyone is itching to get home for the weekend.

2) I go home at night knowing that I have two whole days for myself!

3) Everyone just seems sooo much happier! :mrgreen:

4) Many more reasons that I can’t think of right now, but will get back to you on 😉

So although I love this day, I do have a not-so-peppy tangent:

It’s been really hard for me to adjust to the new work schedule because I’m the girl who always factors in working out, but with the campus gym not opening until later in the summer (and I am definitely still using the campus gym because hey, it’s free!), my usual morning gym workouts are out of the question. I’ve been trying to get up and run, but I can’t do that every day because I’ve had problems with bursitis in the past. So I’ve been running to the tennis courts with Bobby and doing pilates DVDs to make up for it. But it just hasn’t felt the same. I know, poor me…but seriously, working out makes me happy. If I don’t work out the way I want to, I feel even more exhausted and cranky. Does anyone else have this problem?? My goal for this weekend is to figure out a way to get back into a groove!

Ok, on to the food!


Breakfast this morning was a little different than usual. I decided to make an omelette so that I could use up some of the red peppers I bought on sale at the grocery store last weekend. As you can see, my omelette attempt was unsuccessful, thanks to yours truly forgetting to spray the pan with PAM. Needless to say, it became a sticky, slightly browned mess, so I scrambled it all together :) I topped my “ombled” eggs + red pepper with some reduced fat Mexican cheese and a generous dose of ketchup.

It was a nice way to mix up a week filled with oatmeal. Not that I don’t love my good ol’ oats – but sometimes it’s nice to get a little more savory and a little less sweet :)

But of course, I did need something sweet as “part of this balanced breakfast.”


Well, if I learned anything from breakfast today, it was that oatmeal is definitely the best and only breakfast food that satiates me through the morning. Needless to say, my stomach was grumbling by about 9:30 am – yikes! I quickly squashed that with a ripe banana.

I’ve got some more of these ripe ones at home – could some muffins be in my future?!

**Play suspenseful music here**


I felt like such a working girl at lunch. I was originally planning on grabbing something with the other interns, but ended up having to run and pick something up and race back to my desk for a conference call. Luckily, we have some great options in our office building. I got myself some COSI :mrgreen:

Ah yes, an age old favorite here at Eating Bender. I got the Bombay Chicken Salad with reduced fat ginger soy dressing on the side.

Then of course there was some of this…

I think you all know what my thoughts are on that 😉


I had a major chocottack this afternoon!

Chocottack (chalk-o-tak) noun: An intense desire to consume everything chocolate.

It started out with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, courtesy of my office kitchen.

And ended with a delicious brownie. Well, ok, a Clif ZBar. But to me those two are synonymous!


Bobby and I decided we wanted to do dinner out tonight. We went to our FAVORITE Chinese restaurant in town called Pineyard.

It’s small and family-owned, and the food is great! I started out with a bowl of egg drop soup. It’s my absolute favorite!!

Then Bobby and I split the Three Delicacies, which comes with shrimp, chicken and beef with vegetables.

I let Bobby take the beef. I took the chicken, and we split the shrimp, along with some white rice. Here’s one of my plates (I went back for more because it’s too good not to!):

After filling myself up, I “detoxed” with some green tea :)


1) Sleep.

2) Organize.

3) Relax.

Doesn’t get much simpler than that 8)

1 VeggieGirl June 21, 2008 at 12:36 pm

Great re-cap of your Friday!! Haha, at first I thought the first photograph was vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup or something ;0)

2 Romina June 21, 2008 at 3:34 pm

Have a fantastic weekend!

3 ChocolateCoveredVegan June 21, 2008 at 4:30 pm

Happy Friday!
It’s always a good day when you get to go out for Chinese food!

4 Richelle June 21, 2008 at 5:13 pm

Haha everytime I eat Chinese food I always feel like I need to “detox” afterwards with greentea!

5 Jenn June 21, 2008 at 7:07 pm

VeggieGirl ~ Haha, well now that you mention it I think I will try that :)

Romina ~ Thanks, you too!

ChocolateCoveredVegan ~ I couldn’t agree more!

Richelle ~ Yes, for some reason it helps everything go down easier 😉

6 annaalstondonnelly June 23, 2008 at 9:10 pm

Jenn- I totally get how you feel about working out! I think a lot of us girls who are supercommitted to being healthy really thrive upon routine (Jenna just posted about this today)- because our bodies can become like well-oiled machines with the right combo of diet and exercise. Changing that routine can be stressful! I hope you find a balance that will leave you feeling energized instead of tired, but I completely feel your pain!

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