Happy Thanksgiving!!

by Jenn (eating bender) on November 26, 2009

I’m thankful for…

A beautiful family.

A kind, intelligent and handsome fiance.

The ability to enjoy Thanksgiving from the most beautiful place on Earth (photo found here).

Good food, good recipes and good moods.

See my recent guest post on Mara’s blog for last year’s deliciousness.

And last, but certainly not least.


(photo found here)

I know it’s been a busy year for all of us, but the fact that you are reading this post right now means more to me than you’ll ever know (other than the fact that I will try to remind you as often as possible!) :) I would not be where I am today without you — trust me, I say that with complete confidence. I am thankful for all of the bloggers I’ve had the pleasure to meet in real life and hope that that will only continue in the years to come. This community has made me a better writer, a better friend and a better person, and I am SO. THANKFUL.

I will be back soon with a Thanksgiving recap, but before I go, I would like to again bring up a cause that is very special to me. One of the campaigns I am most proud of this year in my job as a public relations professional is the work my company is doing on a program called Tweetsgiving. You may have read about it by clicking here or here on MizFit’s blog and several others who have shown support.

Last year, the non-profit group Epic Change launched a program called Tweetsgiving that aimed to raise $10,000 in 48 hours and ultimately raised $11,000 through hundreds of small, first-time donations, thousands of tweets, hundreds of blog posts and more.

This year, Tweetsgiving, the first successful Twitter fundraiser of its kind, is back again, proving the power of social media and Twitter in harnessing thousands of small dollar donations to support a cause. You can read more about the story by clicking here . If you are interested, consider supporting the cause and share what you’re thankful for during this special holiday!


Remember this guy from last year? Amazing how time flies…and a bit scary!


1 chrysta November 26, 2009 at 3:58 pm

Time is sure going fast! I can remember making last years thanksgiving dinner like it was yesterday!=) I really love your site btw. Its fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

2 VeggieGirl November 26, 2009 at 4:17 pm


3 TorontoGirloutWest November 26, 2009 at 5:21 pm

Happy Thanksgiving Jenn!!!! I for one am grateful to have gotten to know you this year!!! 

4 Karla November 26, 2009 at 5:45 pm

Love it! Beautiful pictures Jenn. I’m so thankful to have you as a great friend! Have a fabulous time at home and a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving :)

5 Shannon November 26, 2009 at 6:08 pm

Hope you are having a wonderful turkey day with the fam jenn :) sorry i don’t tweet :/

6 coco November 26, 2009 at 6:47 pm

happy Thanksgiving sweetie! 😀 hope you have a enjoyable dinner with your loved ones!

7 Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) November 26, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Happy Thanksgiving, Jenn!

8 Brittany November 26, 2009 at 8:19 pm

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!

9 Danielle November 26, 2009 at 8:32 pm

What a full life you live… and knowing fabulous you, I’d expect nothing less. Happy Thanksgiving!

10 kbwood November 26, 2009 at 9:30 pm

you have a beautiful family! looks like you are so blessed :) hope you had an awesome day!

11 Kristie Lynn November 26, 2009 at 9:46 pm

Happy Thanksgiving you beauty! Enjoy your time at home :)

12 Erica November 26, 2009 at 9:55 pm

Such a sweet post :) Happy Thanksgiving girl!

13 ksgoodeats November 27, 2009 at 8:16 am

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope you and the Eating Bender family have a wonderful holiday :)

14 Pure2Raw Twins November 27, 2009 at 9:30 am

Happy Thanksgiving!! : )

15 Molly November 27, 2009 at 9:52 am

hey Jenn! Hope you had a great thanksgiving with your family! :)

16 Melissa S. November 27, 2009 at 12:35 pm

Yay for being with the family!! Happy Thanksgiving Lovely!!!

17 Jessica (jesslikesithot) November 27, 2009 at 12:48 pm

Happy late Thanksgiving Jenn! Hope you had a wonderFULL day 😉 hahahaha…..

18 Jenny November 27, 2009 at 4:42 pm

you and the fiance are stunners! brangelina ain’t got nuffin 😉

hope you had an amazing holiday with your gorgeous family and friends!

19 MarathonVal November 27, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Happy Thanksgiving Jenn!! I hope you are having an amazing time in sunny AZ! Enjoy the rest of your time there :)

20 jenngirl November 27, 2009 at 8:20 pm

So glad you had a happy thanksgiving!! I am so thankful to have found you and your blog, and hope you are enjoying the weekend after yesterday’s festivities :)

21 Gena November 29, 2009 at 7:19 am

I am thankful for you! Your blog and your spirit are a constant inspiration, girl :-)

22 Cara November 30, 2009 at 10:44 am

Happy Thanksgiving Jenn! Excited to send my first comment on your fantastic blog! Hope AZ was as crazy warm as it was in CA! Love to you and Bobby.

23 Marianne December 3, 2009 at 2:03 pm

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. I don’t know about the Costco potatoes though, and the corn bread mix – in my family, it’s just against the rules to not make everything from scratch! LOL.

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