P90X: Legs + Back

This is one of my top three favorite P90X workouts. I was most excited to see what this one was all about because it’s called Legs + Back. Working my legs is one of my favorite exercises, so I felt up to the challenge. That doesn’t mean it was easy, though! We worked through several sets of squats, lunges, kicks, wall sits, air chair sits…you get the idea! It was super hard and I know that once again, I’m in for some soreness tomorrow!

Now I realize that this workout was also supposed to involve “back.” I set off to the gym for that portion of my workout. With P90X, you have the option of investing in a chin-up bar or bands to help you with back exercises. I was going to get the chin-up bar, but eventually decided that I could work around it and do my back work at my gym. So tonight I did pull-up and push-down exercises on the Gravitron, as well as some shoulder presses. I figure I will try to add a little weight and/or repetition each week, and I should still see results. It’s my way of modifying it to meet my needs.

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