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A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Robyn, a PR spokesperson for EAS, inviting me to review samples of their products and offering me a chance to interview a triathlete and member of Team EAS: Jen Perez. I want to thank all of those who helped me come up with questions to ask Jen.

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I combined your great ideas with my own to come up with a list that I sent to Miss Jen Perez, who was kind enough to answer them while attending The Arnold Sports Festival last week. Here now are the answers to those questions!


Hi Jen!

First of all, thank you for taking time out of what I’m sure must be a busy day to answer my questions. As a college student, I know how busy life can get, and I can imagine that your to-do list is magnified when you’re also a member of Team EAS!

I know you’re at The Arnold Sports Festival this week. Can you talk a little bit about what being a member of Team EAS and participating in events like this one is like for you? What do you enjoy most about each?

It is amazing to get the opportunity to go to an event like this. I’m here with some of the greatest athletes in the country. EAS provides a sport like triathlon an opportunity to be put on the same level as other high profile sports such as football and baseball. I really enjoy representing my sport, not only as a triathlete, but a female triathlete.

I read that you have been a professional triathlete since 2005 and are currently competing on the Olympic distance circuit. What are some of the factors that motivated you to begin down this path and ultimately led you to become a professional?

I am motivated by the competition and the idea of getting better and better. It really becomes a competition with yourself and if you focus on that and really want to perform at your best, good things will come.

I also read that you’re a fellow college student. What is your training regimen like during the off-season, and how do you balance that with going to school? Do you have to miss a lot of classes during the season?

It takes a lot of work to plan my schedule ahead of time. I do have help from my coach, to help me plan out key workouts during the week. Ultimately, it’s about making the time and being disciplined enough to follow through with work-outs and classes, even when you are tired. I would miss a lot of classes if I didn’t make all of my classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I have also been lucky in having professors that understand and work with me if need be. During the off-season my training is less intense but for the most part stays the same as far as the time put in.

Are there ever instances during your training where you find your motivation is lacking? If so, how do you deal with those situations and get back to a place where you are working toward your goals?

Of course, we all have ups and downs with motivation. It is almost impossible to be completely motivated all the time, especially when life gets in the way. For the most part, I try to push through and remember why I am doing all of this in the first place, because I love racing. It is also a good idea to talk with someone whom you respect like a fellow athlete that has been in the sport for a while and may have good advice on balancing.

What’s one important lesson you’ve learned about yourself in your career to date?

I have learned that I can’t do it all; all of the time. This means that I had to learn how to really balance my life to be a well rounded person. I think once I figured this out, it actually made me a better athlete and everything got a little easier from there.

What’s your least favorite leg of the tri?

That’s a tough question. It really depends on the course but I think I like the swim the best. It sets you up for the rest of the race!

And finally, since a lot of what I write about on my blog is focused on food and healthy eating, both I and my readers are very interested in knowing what a typical day of eating looks like for you, both during the off-season and regular season.

Well, I usually have something small in the morning like oatmeal and some water before training. During training, I like to drink either water or mix water with EAS Endurathon, which helps fuel muscles during long and strenuous work-outs. My post workout eating changes a lot depending on the workout, but I usually take either EAS Race Recovery (especially after a hard workout) or drink an EAS Myoplex Lite shake or eat a bar. I also incorporate real food between workouts and throughout the day. It is very important to eat consistently and to try and eat clean. This will help you keep your energy level and well as your metabolism consistent.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you nothing but the best going forward and much success!


I am very happy with the way the interview turned out. Jen is an inspiration, and also seems very down-to-earth and sincere. Thank you to Robyn for the opportunity!

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